Geometric shadow


In photography, shadows can emphasize emotions, they can create surreal images and they can be used in a variety of ways. While using shadows in colored photographs tends to be used especially for silhouettes, it can also be portrayed in various other shapes. Although, in my opinion, shadows are much more expressive in black and white photographs, nevertheless, they can express a multitude of feelings in the colored ones as well.

Yung, the psychoanalyst, associates the subconscious with the circle, while the square would depict a body or a matter.

In Buddhist symbolism, a square represents the connection with the Earth and the inside of a circle, the eternal completeness, but together they signify the relationship between the human and the divine.

The circle is not only the symbol of the universe, but also the symbol of the eternal return and of cyclicity. Undoubtedly, the circle represents the finite and the infinite, the unity and the variety, the perfection, but also the homogenous limited space. Concentric circles can be classified as displays of the beginning of existence, a recurring succession.

On the one hand, one of the Greeks from Athens, St Dionysius, considers the dot to be the essence of the divine spirit and the concentric circles, which are as far away from the center as possible, representations of the different human states which are either closer or far away from the sacred substance.  On the other hand, in Zen Buddhism, on the contrary, concentric circles express the inside perfection, the opposite movement. It is not by chance that the circle represents the sanctuaries for nomadic people, while the sedentary people prefer the square.

The square represents the Earth and stability. Its four sides are anchored in its four cardinal points. It is a static figure, but one that creates rhythm. It is the base from where the peak of the pyramid, which is the symbol of perfection, raises.

Squares and rectangles reflect stability. They are familiar, thus suggesting trust, attachment towards all earthly things and honesty.

Their straight angles represent mathematical order and formalism. The square and the rectangle inspire conformity, solidity, security and equality.

In the Muslim and Roman art and architecture there can most often be found a square followed by a semicircle, the circle inside a square, the cube and the sphere which are associations that create the sensation of dynamic and communication between the celestial and the terrestrial. These same geometric shapes can be found in the classic architecture of any Arch of Triumph underneath which only the victorious heroes, who overcame their fears and succeeded in their own ways to rise, pass through.

In conclusion, taking everything into account, I wanted my personal project to encompass circles and squares as these two shapes together symbolize victory. In my vision, on the one hand, I represented the portrait of the woman in relation to the circle because this signifies the infinite and creates cyclicity. The man, on the other hand, is represented in relation to the square which represents stability just like the house which is the base of a cube and signifies the base of creating a family, the man helps starting it.

img_7433 img_7148

img_7143 img_7423

img_7427 img_7389

img_7420 img_7374a-copy



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