“Every moment of searching is a moment of encounter” (Paolo Coelho). “What are we usually looking for in life? We are looking for truth, justice and beauty. We are looking for answers to all of our burning questions. We are looking for a purpose or more, a reason to live, love, accomplishments, but we are especially looking to nd ourselves. I am, after all, my own search for myself” (Mircea Cartarescu).

Kant saw happiness like an ideal, something that we all wish for, a purpose. Nevertheless, through this he did not mean that it is impossible to reach it, but that we are incapable to decide what each and every human being should do in order to be happy. The recipe for happiness is dierent for everyone. in my personal project I chose
the mannequin to represent the ideal of happiness because through its structure it represents the physical perfection. The character presented in relation to the mannequin represents the average human being in search for perfection.

Through my personal project I wanted to show how from our youth we are guided in choosing and searching for things, people and, why not, perfect moments in our lives.


In the rst photograph I chose to represent the baby mannequin in her grandmother’s arms. Through this I wanted to show how parents and grandparents are always looking for perfection in their children.


The second photograph depicts the pupil mannequin at school where she gains knowledge. Thus showing that perfection is sought in pupils at school as well and at the same time teaching them to reach perfection to become the best.


The third photograph depicts the adolescent age when we are faced with having to choose our friends and the company we want to spend our time in. Often we choose the people perfect for us, a mannequin gure we wish to spend our time with.


In the fourth photograph, which depicts reaching maturity, it is clear that choosing our partner is also based on perfection. Everybody is looking for their own mannequin gure they want to spend their lives with.




Lastly, in the fth photograph I tried to represent the end of life and the deconstruction
of the mannequin. It is also depicted the end of the life long purpose to nd perfection in everything.


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