Polaroid year- Jamie Livingston

I discovered a website where it should be thousands of Polaroid photos,one every day from March 31, 1979 through October 25, 1997. I was very interested to know the name of the artist but there was no name on the site. The artist take 6 697 Polaroid photo.

I look at his work and I discoverd that he is a filmmaker. I see him working editing bays.  He is a Mets fan. He buys season tickets with friends. He is a musician. Sometimes he plays an accordion.

On March 30, 1980 he lays out all the photos. He does it again year after year.

He is obsessed with mirrors. For years, we see him play with mirrors in hin photographs.

In late 1996 and early 1997, we see the photographer showing up more often in his own pictures. He looks gloomy. Often he is passed out on the couch. When he is shown with people, he is not smiling.

On May 2, 1997, something bad has happened. On May 4, we see the surgical scar. His health rapidly declining, the photographer takes a mirror-self-portrait in June 2. By the end of that month, he is completely bald.On September 11, 1997, the photographer’s hair strts to grow back.

On October 5, it is clear what that picture means. His fiancee is in the background and in front of her is the ring. Two days later we can see the wedding. A few weeks later he is in the hospital. On October 24, a friend plays music for him. The next day, the photographer dies.

The artist take a Polaroid every day for 18 years. He was Jamie Livingston. He was involves with the circus, made films, music videos. He loved New York. For 18 years, he took pictures of ordinary life, and I think they’re beautiful. He took a Polaroid pictures every day, until he died on October 25, 1997- his 41st birthday.

After he dies, Livington’s friends Hugh Crawford and Betsy Reid put his photos on display. They keeps the site going, and visitors comment and on their favorite photos. I found them online. First think that i have done was to find my birthday and see what the picture was that day.

In my opinion, Jamie Livingston showed how art can help us enjoy easy times and weather tough ones, too. I feel like I know Jamie Livingston.


This is the link where you can find his work.



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