Bernd and Hills Becher

The German artists Bernd and Hills Becher photographed industrial buildings for more than 40 years. starting in 1959. and made btaclt-and-white photographs of various examples oi single types at industrial structures.

As Michael Oolins. writing for
Tate Magazine. explains: ‘There is some
simplicity in which there is profound wisdom.

Such is the art at Bernd and l-lilla Becher…
The Bechers’ purpose has always been to
make the clearest possible photographs of industrial structures. They are not
interested in making euphemisttc. socio-
romarrtic pictures glorifying hdustry. nor
doom-laden spectacles showing its costs
and dangers. Equally. they have nothing

In common with photographers who seek to make pleasing modernist abstractions. Treating the structures as decorative shapes divorced from their function!

In the case of the Bechers’ typologies. the concept is found in the reading at the images
based on their high-quality execution The Bechers’ strove for technical excellence and
the concept is in the eye at the viewer – their ‘simpiicity’ of production and delivery reveals the ‘proiound wisdom’ that Collins refers to.


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