About Me

My name is Anda-Madalina Rosca. I was born in 1996 on April 20th in a small town called Braila, Romania,a port on the Danube.
Moving to Iasi in 2015 was easy for me because I love to meet new people and their experiences.
In the second year of high school I found very interesting Photography and Video. Since then I want to know everything about this.
In 2015 I started studying Photography and Computer Image Proccesing at George Enescu University of Arts Iasi, Romania.
11823073_10203423150419034_7608903139868191595_oApart from photography and video, I love to travel everywhere.I was in many countries such as: Spain, Italy, Grece, United Kingdom, Austria and other. I want to know other culture, to meet different kind of people and to live other experiences.