N.U.A.G.E Iasi

National University of Arts “George Enescu”

sigla-uage-page-001                        The main objective of the University of Arts “George Enescu” is the organisation and the shaping of education in the national priority domain Art, which includes the following options for graduation: “Music” (with the specialisations Performance, Music education, Composition, Musicology, Conducting, Religious music), Fine arts and decorative arts (with the specialisations: Painting, Sculpture, Graphics,     Textile arts, Mural art, Art education – arts teacher, Conservation –Restoration, Design) and Drama (with the specialisations: Acting, the Art of puppetry, Theatrology).
To the same extent, the University stands as a beacon of culture, militating for the protection, preservation and promotion of the Romanian artistic creation, for the fostering and development of the taste for beauty and for authentic creations.
                The Faculty of Visual Arts and Design has the mission of training specialists – artists and art theorists, who can contribute in a creative manner to the contemporary cultural life and to the circulation of the values of Romanian and universal art. The fact that the graduates also study the package of education science subjects offers them the opportunity to work as teachers in secondary schools and high-schools.
uage-foto-video           The department of photography, video, image processing is a part of the Fine Arts department of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design and targets the formation of contemporary visual artists who express themselves through photography, video, multimedia, on the one hand, and creative professionals are able to make products of high artistic expression in photography, video and multimedia on the other.