Bernd and Hills Becher

The German artists Bernd and Hills Becher photographed industrial buildings for more than 40 years. starting in 1959. and made btaclt-and-white photographs of various examples oi single types at industrial structures. As Michael Oolins. writing for Tate Magazine. explains: 'There is some simplicity in which there is profound wisdom. Such is the art at Bernd and … Continue reading Bernd and Hills Becher


Christiana Soulou

Christiana Soulou (born Athens. 1961) makes drawing that investigate the nature of being human. Rather than representing specific figures or characters, the bodies in her work are emblematic of situations and psychological states. Soulou’ s drawn lines-though firmly and precisely rooted on the paper support- retain a sense of expression and energy that allow forms to … Continue reading Christiana Soulou